Yukon, OK

So your best friend has a birthday coming up. You know you want to do something different, and a regular cake just won't cut it. Or maybe your little girl is about to turn a year older, and all she wants is just cookies and ice cream. You really wanted to get a traditional birthday cake, but it just seems out of place with the cookie theme. Does the thought of having a typical birthday cake overloaded with icing just set your teeth on edge? Sweetness is great, but to you, is a sugar-overloaded birthday cake just a headache waiting to happen? Why not try birthday cookies? If you live in the Yukon, OK area, come out to see us at Great American Cookies. Great American Cookies is the home of the original Cookie Cake. Our Cookie cakes are made using our classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been handed down through the generations. Full of the finest premium ingredients, they are baked fresh daily. This makes them a sweet treat that is hard to resist. It also puts a spin on the traditional idea of a birthday cake. And they are not just cookie cutter designs, either. We hand-decorate our birthday cookies just for you. You can select a design from our wide range, or you can call us for a custom order just the way you like it. And we guarantee that every Cookie cake you order is baked that very day in your local neighborhood store. Who can resist giant cookies? Especially if they're birthday cookies made from one of the best recipes around? If you're in the Yukon, OK area, stop by and make your order today. And for even more special offers and to make a sweet connection with us, download our mobile app today!